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101: Creole New Orleans

Creole Louisiana Snapping Turtle SoupJana Billiot, Restaurant R’evolu9on
Chicken CreoleCleo Robinson and Edgar “Dooky” Chase, IV, Dooky Chase’s Restaurant
Deep-Fried Seafood-Stuffed Bell PeppersTia Henry, Café Dauphine

102: Fit for a Queen

6 Seafood Salad with Green Goddess DressingAlison Vega-Knoll, Station 6
New Orleans-Style Barbecue LobsterAllison Vines-Rushing, NOCHI
Chocolate Pot de Crème with Crème Fraiche and Sea SaltSue Zemanick, Zasu

103: Culinary Roots

Shrimp BoulettesMelissa Martin, Mosquito Supper Club 
Caramelized ShrimpLuot Nguyen, Magasin Café
Short Rib Coconut AdoboSusan Spicer, Rosedale/Bayona

104: East Meets West

Boudin Egg RollsLeighann Smith, Piece of Meat
Curry Kimchi MusselsChristie Plaisance, Bouligny Tavern
Bread Pudding with Coconut Rum SauceLenora Chong, Morrow’s

105: Rise and Shine

Aebleskivers with Lemon CurdCara Benson, Toast/Tartine
Mexican-Inspired ShakshukaMaribeth Del Castillo, Taceaux Loceaux 
French Market Coffee CakeMeg Bickford, Commander’s Palace 

106: Pasta! Pasta!

Tortellini in BrodoRebecca Wilcomb, Ristorante Gianna 
Pasta on the BayouTanya Dubuclet, Neyow’s Creole Café
Baked Spaghetti NOLA StyleNicole Mackie, Ma Momma’s House of
Cornbread, Chicken & Waffles 

107: Comfort Food

Crabmeat Grill CheesyEricka Michelle Lassair, Diva Dawg Food Truck
Rustic Chicken with Garlic GravyMelissa Araujo, Saveur Catering
Cane Syrup Dark Chocolate MousseMegan Forman, Gracious Bakery &

108: Fowl Play

Charcuterie Board with Smoked Duck BreastLeighann Smith,
Piece of Meat 
Crispy Smoked Quail Salad with Bourbon – Molasses Dressing and Spiced
Pecans – Susan Spicer, Rosedale/Bayona 
Teriyaki Chicken Lettuce WrapsLenora Chong, Morrow’s

109: Must-try Savory Pies

Artichoke Bacon Hand PiesMegan Forman, Gracious Bakery & Café
English Pasty Miniature Meat PiesHaley Bittermann, Ralph Brennan
Restaurant Group 
Balsamic Tomato TartMelissa Araujo, Saveur Catering 

110: Jazzy Shrimp

Andouille Spiced Gulf ShrimpMeg Bickford, Commander’s Palace 
Shrimp and GritsNicole Mackie, Ma Momma’s House of Cornbread,
Chicken & Waffles 
Shrimp Clemenceau – Cleo Robinson and Edgar “Dooky” Chase, IV, Dooky
Chase’s Restaurant *Leah Chase

111: Mardi Gras Celebration

New Orleans Classic Chargrilled OystersBecky Wasden, Two Girls One
Shuck/Chicks with Dips 
Crab Boil Dirty RiceEricka Michelle Lassair, Diva Dawg Food Truck
King CakeMegan Forman, Gracious Bakery & Café

112: New Orleans-Style Crawfish

Crawfish BallsTanya Dubuclet, Neyow’s Creole Café
Crawfish Grillades with White Cheddar GritsAlison Vega-Knoll, Station 6
Blackened Catfish Florentine with White Wine Crawfish Cream SauceTia Henry, Café Dauphine

113: Latin American Connections

Seafood CampechanaSusan Spicer, Rosedale/Bayona 
Habana SaladChristina do Carmo Honn, Café Cour/Carmo 
Potato, Squash and Poblano TacoMaribeth Del Castillo, Taceaux Loceaux

114: A Taste of Summer

Watermelon Crab Martini Cynthia VuTran, Café Minh 
Drunk Shrimp with Summer SuccotashAmarys Herndon, Palm&Pine 
Muscadine Wine Jell-O with Peaches and Cream Allison Vines-Rushing,

115: Sunday Brunch 

Raw Vegetable SaladJana Billiot, Restaurant R’evolution 
Italian Fried Egg with Gorgonzola SauceHaley Bittermann, Ralph Brennan Restaurant Group 
Bacon, Egg, Onion & Cheese Mornay Crepe and Salad with Dijon VinaigretteCara Benson, Toast/Tartine 

116: Savor the Simplicity

Marinated MushroomsRebecca Wilcomb, Ristorante Gianna 
Creamy Escarole and Charred Broccoli SaladChristie Plaisance, Bouligny Tavern 
Triple C Vegan CookiesChristina do Carmo Honn, Café Cour/Carmo 

117: Louisiana Favorites

Maxine’s Shrimp Okra GumboMelissa Martin, Mosquito Supper Club 
Louisiana Crab and Corn Maque Choux DipBecky Wasden, Two Girls One Shuck/Chicks with Dips 
Shrimp CreoleTia Henry, Café Dauphine 

118: Asian Traditions

Bibim Bop Rice BowlLenora Chong, Morrow’s 
Salmon with Red Curry Sauce and Asian SlawCynthia VuTran, Café Minh 
Brown Sugar Glazed Pork and OnionsLuot Nguyen, Magasin Café

119: Off the Hook

Grilled Redfish “On the Half-Shell” with Maitre d’Hotel ButterHaley Bittermann, Ralph Brennan Restaurant Group 
Crispy Skinned Red Snapper, Fricassee of Market Peas and Beans – Allison Vines-Rushing, NOCHI 
Cast Iron Seared Gulf FishMeg Bickford, Commander’s Palace 

120: Classic Crab Dishes

Beer Battered Crab BeignetsJana Billiot, Restaurant R’evolution 
Sauté Crab FingersTanya Dubuclet, Neyow’s Creole Café 
Creole GumboCleo Robinson and Edgar “Dooky” Chase, IV, Dooky Chase’s Restaurant

121: World Cuisine

Garlic Sauté Bop ChoiLuot Nguyen, Magasin Café
Wild Mushroom and Potato PierogiesSue Zemanick, Zasu 
Muffulettu Christina do Carmo Honn, Café Cour/Carmo 

122: South of the Border 

Easy Salsa VerdeMaribeth Del Castillo, Taceaux Loceaux 
Pierna de CerdoMelissa Araujo, Saveur Catering 
Oaxacan Mole with Braised Duck TamalAmarys Herndon, Palm&Pine 

123: Down Home 

Jalapeno and Sweet Corn HushpuppiesChristie Plaisance, Bouligny Tavern 
Southern Deep-Fried Chicken WingsNicole Mackie, Ma Momma’s House of Cornbread, Chicken & Waffles 
Apple Pie Bread PuddingEricka Michelle Lassair, Diva Dawg Food Truck

124: Seafood Medley

Shucked Oysters with Cucumber Ginger Mignonette & Cocktail SauceBecky Wasden, Two Girls One Shuck Chicks with Dips 
Curry Brown Butter Scallops over Bourbon Sweet Potato MashAlison Vega-Knoll, Station 6 
Lobster RollSue Zemanick, Zasu 

125: Meaty Mains

Italian Sausage SandwichLeighann Smith, Piece of Meat 
RaguRebecca Wilcomb, Ristorante Gianna 
Thit KhoCynthia VuTran, Café Minh 

126: Imperial Aubergines

Charred EggplantAmarys Herndon, Palm & Pine 
Eggplant FrittersMelissa Martin, Mosquito Supper Club 
Ratatouille, Spinach and Goat Cheese Omelet with Fresh FruitCara Benson, Toast/Tartine