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Creole New Orleans (#101): With a mix of French, Spanish and African heritage, Creoles in New Orleans have played an important part in the culture of the city. The Kitchen Queens prepare Creole Louisiana Snapping Turtle Soup, Chicken Creole and Deep-Fried Seafood-Stuffed Bell Peppers.

Fit for a Queen (#102): From a bright crisp Seafood Salad with Green Goddess Dressing to New Orleans-Style Barbecue Lobster to a decadent Chocolate Pot de Crème the Kitchen Queens whip up dishes fit for a queen.

Culinary Roots (#103): In this episode, the Kitchen Queens kick up diverse southern flair with irresistible bites of Shrimp Boulettes, Caramelized Shrimp, and Short Rib Coconut Adobo.

East Meets West (#104): This week’s Kitchen Queens meld flavors from the East and the West in three flavorful culinary mashups including Boudin Egg Rolls, Curry Kimchi Mussels and Bread Pudding with Coconut Rum Sauce.

Rise and Shine (#105): Hard to pronounce, but easy to create, these impressive breakfast dishes are a great start to any day – Aebleskivers with Lemon Curd, Mexican-Inspired Shakshuka and French Market Coffee Cake.

Pasta! Pasta! (#106): From an Italian classic to seafood studded penne, the Kitchen Queens cook up pasta dishes that reflect New Orleans’ diverse food culture. Learn tips for making Tortellini in Brodo, Pasta on the Bayou and Baked Spaghetti NOLA Style.

Comfort Food (#107): Relaxed and easy-going is a way of life in New Orleans, aka the Big Easy. In this episode, the Kitchen Queens share dishes that offer edible comfort — Crabmeat Grill Cheesy, Rustic Chicken with Garlic Gravy and Cane Syrup Dark Chocolate Mousse.

Fowl Play (#108): A melting pot of duck, quail and chicken dishes are featured on today’s Kitchen Queens: New Orleans with a menu that serves up a serious Charcuterie Board, Southern-style Crispy Smoked Quail Salad with Bourbon-Molasses Dressing and Teriyaki Chicken in Lettuce Wraps with Korean notes.

Must-try Savory Pies (#109): As the ultimate comfort food, savory pies and tarts are hearty one-dish crowd-pleasers. Today the Kitchen Queens cook up Artichoke Bacon Hand Pies, English Pasty Miniature Meat Pies and Balsamic Tomato Tart.

Jazzy Shrimp (#110): If you love shrimp, you won’t want to miss this episode of Kitchen Queens when the ladies of the kitchen share recipes for iconic New Orleans shrimp recipes — Andouille Spiced Gulf Shrimp, Shrimp and Grits and Shrimp Clemenceau.

Mardi Gras Celebration (#111): It’s time to get the party started with Chargrilled Oysters, Crab Boil Dirty Rice and King Cake. Join the Kitchen Queens for an episode that will bring a taste of Mardi Gras to your kitchen.

New Orleans-style Crawfish (#112): In this episode, the Kitchen Queens go beyond the boil, preparing inventive dishes featuring the seasonal delicacy, including Crawfish Balls, Crawfish Grillades and Blackened Catfish Florentine with White Wine Crawfish Cream Sauce.

Latin American Connections (#113): The historical link between Latin American and New Orleans can be seen in the city’s architecture and tasted in its cuisine. In this episode, the Kitchen Queens celebrate the long-standing culinary heritage with Seafood Campechana, Habana Salad and Potato, Squash and Poblano Tacos.

A Taste of Summer (#114): The Kitchen Queens incorporate the bounty of the season in three light and fresh dishes that make summer shine — Watermelon Crab Martini, Drunk Shrimp with Summer Succotash and Muscadine Wine Jell-O with Peaches and Cream.

Sunday Brunch (#115): This week the Kitchen Queens salute “second breakfast” with three brunch gems — Raw Vegetable Salad, Italian Fried Egg with Gorgonzola Sauce and a Crepe filled with Bacon, Egg, Onion & Cheese.

Savor the Simplicity (#116): When it comes to cooking, sometimes simple is best. In this episode, the Kitchen Queens prepare straightforward fare that packs a flavor punch — Marinated Mushrooms, Creamy Escarole and Charred Broccoli Salad and Vegan Cookies.

Louisiana Favorites (#117): Enjoy a touch of spice in your life with these star-studded Southern dishes from the Kitchen Queens — Shrimp Okra Gumbo, Louisiana Crab and Corn Maque Choux Dip and Shrimp Creole.

Asian Traditions (#118): This week the Kitchen Queens share authentic flavors from the East with Bibim Bop Rice Bowl, Salmon with Red Curry Asian Slaw and Brown Sugar Glazed Pork and Onions.

Off the Hook (#119): In this episode, the Kitchen Queens reel in three dishes from the bountiful waters of the Gulf of Mexico. Enjoy Grilled Redfish “On the Half-Shell,” Crispy Skinned Red Snapper and Cast Iron Seared Gulf Fish.

Classic Crab Dishes (#120): You’re in for a real treat this week on Kitchen Queens: New Orleans with three outrageously delicious dishes starring crab meat, including Beer Battered Crab Beignets, Sauté Crab Fingers and Creole Gumbo.

World Cuisine (#121): The Kitchen Queens bring viewers all-star dishes from around the world with Garlic Sauté Bop Choi, Wild Mushroom and Potato Pierogies and a Muffulettu, the Sicilian ancestor of New Orleans’ famed sandwich, the muffuletta.

South of the Border (#122): Spice up your meals with these robustly flavored Hispanic dishes from the Kitchen Queens — Salsa Verde, Pierna de Cerdo and Oaxacan Mole with Braised Duck Tamal.

Down Home (#123): From spicy to sweet, this episode of Kitchen Queens: New Orleans hits all the notes for a down home feast of Jalapeno and Sweet Corn Hushpuppies, Deep-Fried Chicken Wings and Apple Pie Bread Pudding.

Seafood Medley (#124): This week the Kitchen Queens celebrate seafood with mouth-watering recipes for Shucked Oysters, Curry Brown Butter Scallops over Bourbon Sweet Potato Mash and Lobster Roll.

Meaty Mains (#125): In this episode of Kitchen Queens: New Orleans the chefs present dishes that will satisfy any meat lover. On the menu are a quick and tasty Italian Sausage Sandwich, a classic Ragu and a traditional Vietnamese Thit Kho.

Imperial Aubergines (#126): Hats off to the eggplant, a versatile superfood! This week the Kitchen Queens feature the purple wonder in Charred Eggplant, Eggplant Fritters and a Ratatouille, Spinach and Goat Cheese Omelet.